Lab Automation: Process Control and Data Management

FermWorks - WireWorks West

What is FermWorks?

FermWorks is a turnkey, ready-to-run general-purpose process control and data management application that you can customize and extend for specific uses.

It has been used successfully for laboratory automation in a variety of sites for over a decade, including leading pharmaceutical corporations, biofuel and biopharm labs, sensor R&D, and academic institutions. It facilitates the development of recipes and control strategies at small scales and subsequent transfer to pilot plant and manufacturing scales. An individual researcher can use it on a single computer, or it can be installed as a networked application throughout a large facility.

  • Automate data logging and process control for any type of process
  • Unify data acquired from many different sources, regardless of instrument brand or type
  • Control processes continuously or with batch recipes
  • Analyze collected data and calculate results in real time, with feedback for process control
  • Integrate offline data (manual measurements) into data logging and control
  • Comply with FDA: configurable users and groups, security, electronic signatures, and audit log

Accelerate the commercialization of new products

FermWorks is a comprehensive software solution for distributed process controlled data management for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical development. Formwork’s is delivering significant results for scientists and laboratory directors who need to improve operating efficiency to accelerate time-to-market and lower expenses for drug development.

FermWorks unified and scalable system integrates data from all lab instruments (on-line and off-line) for efficient real time control and process automation, reducing reliance on clip-boards and spreadsheets, resulting in operating efficiencies that reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market.

For more detailed information about FermWorks, please go to our FermWorks Website.